Immediate attention and intervention is in need

In the Tofino industrial park there is a place where they crush cars. The cars are crushed without draining the toxic liquids of the reservoirs. There are puddles of antifreeze, oil and gas all around the area. I live in the area and I know there are dogs, cats, bears, eagles, mice, ravens, wolves and kids roaming the area. There is no gate, anyone has access to the area without surveillance after business hours. The whole thing stinks negligence and I can not close my eyes and pretend it isn’t there.

Toxic Tofino Industrial Park, Cars Crushed, Antifreeze, Gas, Oil Leaking into SoilWould you like your cat, dog or child to accidentally digest this.
Antifreeze is sweet and animals die every year from ingesting it.

… A colleague of mine wanted to salvaged a pickup truck from getting crushed and asked for my help. I was heart broken when I got there. A cat that was living in the house where I lived had died from intoxication and as I was in the area where it probably happened. All I could think of was all the other animals that have probably died of the same cause.

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If someone cares, please call me to helps stop this tragedy.
Samuel 250 731 0495

True Tofino News is not immune to the don’t ask, don’t tell policy of ignorance. We would like to say we were shocked, but the truth is that we just never really thought about it. Did we think everything was above board in the crushing of cars at the Tofino Industrial Park, no but we didn’t go up to investigate either. Luckily Samuel Roberge did and he is here to report that things stink in the Tofino Industrial Park. Thanks to Samuel for his courageous reporting on this poisonous situation, Tofino citizens can now take action to stop this senseless environmental poisoning of land and animals.

What you can do

Email Tofino Council and ask ever member and the mayor to investigate and clean up this toxic environment. Is this the what we want to happen when cars get crushed or any situation arises in the Tofino Industrial Park that can be an environmental danger? Be sure to ask the council or mayor a question, then they must respond to you. Otherwise they could just file your email – and we know what that means.

The District of Tofino Mayor & Council
250-725-3229 (tel)     ~      250-725-3775 (fax)
Perry Schmunk Mayor
Al Anderson Councillor
Cathy Thicke Councillor
Duncan McMaster Councillor
Dorothy Baert Councillor
Garth Cameron Councillor
Ray Thorogood Councillor

Toxic Tofino Industrial Park, Cars Crushed, Antifreeze, Gas, Oil Leaking into SoilIs this the way we want to dispose of dangerous antifreeze, gas, and oil
– into the soil and left in puddles for animals to ingest?

 Thank you Samuel

It’s people like Samuel Roberge who are the real keepers of Tofino and care about our environment. Now it’s time for us to do our thing and stop this.