Why have there been no charges filed over the Tofino Wolf Kill? It’s been half a year and it’s under investigation – really? This is a small town, people know things, people know who did it, heck the people even bragged about it. Why has there been no justice for the innocent Tofino wolves? Tofino makes money off the very wildlife that was murdered and dumped in a dumpster.

What Does The Mayor Say About The Tofino Wolf Kill
Stop Flooding My Email In-Box

Tofino’s mayor, Perry Schmunk, has responded to our calls for action with a don’t-bother-me email. It’s been half a year, since the wolves were shot and dumped into a garbage dumpster like trash and what has happened – nothing. No charges. Funny how it circulates in the community about who is involved in this and another killing of two additional wolves but the police have nothing and the politicians say nothing.

Do the politicians or RCMP care. Read the Tofino mayor’s email below and decide for yourself. We think the only thing keeping this wolf killing in their heads is this petition. Please sign and help find justice for these innocent Tofino wolves.

“I appreciate everyone’s concern, and I share those concerns! However I would like to inform everyone… This is an ongoing criminal investigation and that flooding either my email inbox or that the RCMP, does very little to help the investigation.
Best regards, Perry Schmunk Tofino Mayor schmunk@tofino.ca”


Tofino Wolves KilledSign the who Killed The Wild Tofino Wolves Petition here.