Hey Grant Warkentin, Communications (Trust Me I’m Lying) Officer is it April 1 already?

Mainstream, the global we-love-to-wreck-havoc-on-wildlife company, has released a PR saying how they have achieved two-star certification under the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s Best Aquaculture Practices certification. Oh make us puke.

And the reason this is bull shit is because who Global Aquaculture Alliance is. They benefit from and work for, and police the disgusting fish farming industry.

‘GAA membership is comprised of hundreds of producers, processors, marketers and retailers of seafood products, as well as feed and equipment suppliers that provide ancillary support for the aquaculture industry.’

And who’s a founding member of Global Aquaculture Alliance, one of the most reputable companies in the world, you may have heard of them, Monsanto. Check out the members of the alliance for yourself and see if they’re the sort of companies you trust to hand out certification for anything. 

Wow maybe TTN should create our own certification awards and hand out one to ourselves because that’s basically what’s going on here.

Mainstream you can make up your fake certifications, your fake organic standards, your fake fish and some in this world may not notice or care, but we and many more like us know what you’re doing to the ocean, the land and the innocent creatures who live there – and we don’t like it.

Mainstream BS Press Release

The Coming Crisis
Hey thanks to the Coming Crisis for the great fish tote photo – you’ll never see that on a Mainstream brochure or PR. Check out The Coming Crisis for information that will curl your hair.