Shame on You CBC for Typical Sensational Media-Speak

CBC is falling into a typical mainstream media (of course that’s what it is news-wise) mode of calling the issue at hand in Tofino a wolf problem. It’s not a wolf problem it’s a people problem – it’s some crazed shooters firing off rifles to kill wild Tofino wolves. But as a species we all must take responsibility for it – it’s a people problem. So CBC if you want to talk about  what’s going on here in Tofino then call it what it is – people killing wild Tofino wolves, people not responding to wolves in a proper manner, people not organizing and educating to live in harmony with Tofino wildlife.

Kudos to Todd Windle

Yes we don’t often find anything positive to say, it’s true, but we raise our toques to Todd Windle  for  his knowledge, common sense and practical, calm and thoughtful approach to the people problem of living with wolves and all wildlife.



CBC Just another mainstream news media