Weren’t we assured it would never happen? but… Infectious haematopoietic necrosis (IHN) a deadly viral disease of salmon and trout has exploded in Fish Farms in Clayoquot Sound and Fish Farms north of Sechelt. Quarantine and fish kills are underway.

Dixon Bay has been closed but don’t worry it’s viral stain of trillions of viral particles are still drifting out to sea.

Mainstream Fish Farm Deadly IHN Virus Dixon Bay
Image fromAlexandra Morton’s website.
Visit Alexandra Morton’s website to learn more about IHN  Virus

Political Representatives
Contact the political representatives involved and ask them what exactly they are doing about this. Always ask them because they must respond to questions.

BC MLA – Scott Fraser  And remember when the NDP was in power they may have put a moratorium on new fish farms but the NDP allowed the existing fish farms to increase (some up to double we hear) in size. So the NDP is not protecting our wild fish stocks any more than the BC Liberals (or whatever they’re calling themselves this week).

Federal MP – dr (really?) James Lunney. Of course you won’t get anywhere with this dude but what the hell.

Responsible Information About Fish Farms
Alexandra Morton is a highly regarded registered professional biologist. She was  living in a remote archipelago studying whales when the fish farmers came to her town and has helped people understand the dangers and tragic consequences of open net fish farming to native wild fish and marine animals. Visit her website to learn about the dangers and tragic consequences of deadly fish farms.

About the Deadly IHN Virus
The visible signs of the disease are lethargic fish showing occasional bouts of abnormally frenzied activity that usually precedes death. The external surface of the fish appears exophthalmic and dark, with pale gills and haemorrhaging at the base of the fins. The abdomen is often swollen, eyes may be protruding and a long opaque pseudocast can be seen trailing from the vent. Internally, the fish will appear generally anaemic, with a mucus-like fluid found instead of food in the digestive tract. Additionally, ascitic fluid can be found in the body cavity.

The causative agent of IHN is a rhabdovirus of the genus novirhabdovirus, known as IHN virus (IHNV). IHNV can be isolated from spawning fish, from the pyloric caeca, intestine and ovarian/seminal fluid, and is thought to replicate in the endothelial cells of blood vessels, haematopoietic tissues and nephron cells.

Virus is isolated in cell culture from the internal organs of the fish and identification is confirmed by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), indirect fluorescent antibody tests (IFAT), polymerase chain reaction (PCR) or antibody neutralisation assays.

Fish Death Rate from IHN Virus
Most if not all salmonid species are susceptible to the virus, with fry and small fingerlings becoming infected very readily. The infection is often lethal and the mortality rate can be 100% in fry. Those fish that survive an outbreak of IHN can become carriers of the virus, providing a reservoir of infection. In addition, infected juveniles will shed IHN virus particles in the faeces, urine and external mucus.

Haper Government Supports Fish Farming While Ignoring Threat of Deadly Viruses
The Harper government recently bestowed $4 million to the aquaculture industry which has had devastating impacts to wild salmon stocks globally, and has been proven to be having a serious impact on B.C wild salmon stocks. The response of government agencies to deny the existence of viral threats to wild salmon and to ignore and silence scientific studies showing evidence that should have everyone very concerned further shows that there is a total failure to implement the precautionary principle when it comes to protecting the fish.

Support Wild Salmon – Do Not Eat, Drink or Take Fish Oil from Farmed Fish