Maybe you think a fish farm on the ocean is a good idea to save wild fish – well nothing could be further from the truth.

What You Can Do, It’s Simple!

1.  Do not buy farmed salmon from Clayoquot Fish Farms or any other fish farm.

2. Ask in restaurants if the fish they serve is wild – don’t order it if it isn’t.

3. Ask at community events if the fish is wild.
the corporations are smart and donate to community events and organizations.
Make sure the event or organization you attend does not pander to fish farms.

4. Check labels and make sure fish you buy is wild
– it sure as shoot won’t say farmed, but if it isn’t farmed it’ll say wild.

5. Do not buy media that takes fish farm advertising


Ever See a Clayoquot Sound Fish Farm ?
It’s a Prison on the Ocean, a Wildlife Shooting Range  and  a Concentration Camp for Sea Lion

And you don’t have to believe us, check out the detailed information on these websites:

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