Welcome to True Tofino News where we attempt to find the truth in news. Most media is skewed to business, progress, development and the right – some blatantly, others so subtlety that you may not even notice.

We are locals with an interest in maintaining the natural environment of this amazing west coast.

This is not a feel good community website, there are plenty of those around.

This is a muckraker site.


Let’s remember why we live here and why people visit – nature. Let’s work to hang on to what we have now instead of ruining it more, we can’t make it better, but let’s clean up our mess and not f*ck this up totally.

Just one more thing, as the great Jobs would say, we are part of this planet – socially, environmentally and politically – so sometimes we will include information we think is important to our existence.


‘We like your site, but it doesn’t seem very current.
Are you still doing this site, ‘cuz we think it’s great.’

Thanks for the above kind words.
Yeah, sorry about that – we got sidetracked just trying to make ends meet in Tofino.
We are back! and have scheduled daily meetings at 4:20.

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